Cook with Mead
Mead is great for cooking: in sauces, for marinating, for sorbets, for dressings etc. A rule of thumb regarding mead is, that everywhere you would use a white wine or a dry sherry, you can use mead. In a beurre blanc, for spicing up a stew, for braising meat. Great as an alternative to sake in asian dishes.
Malling Mjød is working with a band of chefs for new combinations of mead and produce, and we'll post new recipes and ideas on this website. Check also our Facebook, Twitter and instagram pages for news about cooking with mead...


Chef and author Claus Holm has deep insight into danish produce and experience as a developer of new and traditional flavor combinations. Claus has created a lovely dish with pork and mead. "In my kitchen everything is possible!", says Claus Holm...

Stewed Pork Belly in Mead
The taste is sensational. The soothing smells fill the kitchen and the day after it's great on a piece of bread.
1 red cabbage in chunks
2 red onions in chunks
fresh chili
fresh oregano chopped
1-2 bottles of Egelund Mjød
2 kg of pork belly
1 tablespoon of honey drizzled over the meat
1 handful of kosher salt
All the ingredients in a pot and into the oven for around 4 hours at 120°C.


Second recipe from Claus Holm: Braised duck in mead with bacon and apples. Enjoy the dish with your carbs of choice…

Braised Duck in Mead with Bacon and Apples
Dice 2 duck breasts
200 g of bacon or pork diced
2 onions diced
2 apples in wedges
1 dl of apple juice
1 dl of water
A bottle of dry mead
1 tbsp. of mustard
A handful of fresh thyme
1 tbsp of ground horse radish
Salt and pepper

Here is how you cook it:
Fry the bacon, add all the ingredients and let them fry together until slightly brown, fragrant and caramelized.
Add apple juice, water and dry mead and let it gently simmer for an hour.
Eat with toasted garlic croutons or anything carby….and mead of course...


Tahini Dressing with Mead
1 part tahini
1 part Gylden Mjød
a little Miso
Salt and pepper

Great for dipping!…

Pheasant in a Creamy Mead Sauce
Here is a great recipe presented by the godfather of tv chefs, Keith Floyd. Keith is visiting Northumberland and is cooking with vikingdaughter Iben. Keith Floyd was the greatest. Sometimes sober, sometimes drunk, but always charming and fun to watch. Sadly he's not with us anymore. The liver couldn't cope. He presents food without shouting at people and namecalling...but this video is a gem for us meadlovers...

Chicken with Mushroom and Mead Sauce
Homecook Jon Jefferson cooks a basic simple chicken dish. He uses mead to deglace the pan where you would have used a white wine, dry sherry or better: a Marsala.

Mead Braised Pork Shank with Quince and Fennel
A hearty meal. Made with Texas mead. Also great that quince is slowly coming back in the minds of modern chefs...

Lentils in Honey Mead and Prune Sauce
From the series: "Poland on a Plate". TV host Basia Brown makes a heart healthy dish here. Lentils are good for your cholesterol. Mead too, of course. Poland makes some of the greatest mead in the world. They have a long tradition for making honeywine..

Chicken in a Bog
Ricky the Meadmaker presents a winner in their glace competition two and a half minutes into the show. Also there are som entertaining bits on food pairing with mead..

Mjød smørebrød-web

The Vet's Late Night Snack.
This "smørrebrød" was invented by veterinarian Sigurd Keilgaard in the 1920's. Keilgaard looked after the horses in Circus Miehe and The Royal Stables.
The recipe is simple.
From bottom to top: first a piece of black rye bread (danish style), then butter, liver paté, corned beef, aspic, onion rings and cress on top…and with that you drink a Tør Gylden Mjød…a dry rose hip mead will also suffice, mead and danish dishes are made for each other...perfect for an easter lunch…