Review in Børsen
December 2018


"Mead has been found in King Solomon's grave, which were dug a thousand years BC"

Ole Troelsø, Børsen, writes about Malling Mjød and our colleagues from Underfundig Mjød. He would serve our dry Gylden Mjød to rice pudding. He calls it "an authentic mead without spices". Our Egelund Mjød he will use for the roast pork. In his words: "oaky, full taste, sweetnes and a hint of bitterness"...

Review in Vinbladet
October 2018


"Dry mead - also works with oysters"
Elsebeth Lohfert from "Vinbladet" has written a great article om Malling Mjød. She covers the background and visions for Malling Mjød together with food pairing and types of mead. A very well written and lively story...

Review in Food and Drink
September 2018


"Mead is not beer"
The magazine Food & Drink brings a story in danish on Malling Mjød in their september issue with this bold statement as headline. You can't say that often enough here in Denmark where most people think mead is a dark, rich, sweet beer that the vikings gulped down while slitting throats and raping the livestock. We're on page 72…

Review from Winefactory
9. march 2018

Winefactory tasted three of our meads. Tør Gylden, Egelund and Slåen. The films are in danish, but you can always call us for an english transcript. Bottom line…they think our meads are a positive surprise. Mind you, these are fanatic grapewine guys, so it's praise coming from them. On a scale from 1 to 100, the Slåen scores 91, Egelund 90 and Tør Gylden 88. Thanks to Winefactory for an open mind and a competent review.

A presentation of Malling Mjød
from Grovkøkkenet
1. september 2017


A presentation of Malling Mjød
from Cocktails of Copenhagen
19. march 2017


An interview with the founders of Malling Mjød paired with links to Jesper Skov's input on collaborating with Malling Mjød creating new cocktails with mead.

Review in Børsen
18. november 2016


What goes with traditional danish roast pork?
Ole Troelsø, Børsen, writes in "Børsen" about what we should eat with the lovely roast pork for Christmas: The drink has to have some acidity to cut through the layers of fat, but also sweetness, which can match the pickled red cabbage and often the slightly sweet sauce.

"Our people or tribe didn't just nurture on beer, but also on mead…mead is made with water and honey, which produces a slightly, subtle sweet drink, that's perfect for complimenting the symbiosis in the roast pork of richness and purity."

Great, that Ole Troelsø gives our Gylden Mjød 4 stars together with lovely wines like Viognier Turnbull 2012 and Riesling Steinklotz 2013. And the artisan beer Krenkerup Julebryg,

Review in Aarhus Stiftstidende
23. marts 2016


Kirstine Lefevre Sckerl from Aarhus Stiftstidende went by the meadery and wrote a sparkling piece on Malling Mjød:

"Malling Mjød is the only meadery in Denmark that produces dry meads commercially. Many think of vikings and beer when you talk about mead, but it's another picture the two founders want to paint. Their mead reminds more of a spicy dry white wine and are perfect served with food.
- I'm not into the really sweet mead types. That's why we made a dry one. Our first mead Gylden Mjød ought to be enjoyed like a white wine, says Michael Skjødt Jørgensen. If you ask Michael and Torben mead goes with everything from sushi to white meat and game."

5 axes from the viking combat group "ASK". They know how they like their mead….

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We're working to get the sixth axe!

Review in Børsen
4. marts 2016


Food and wine journalist Ole Troelsø tells you the whole story of mead through the ages in this great piece and ends with some final words on Malling Mjød:

"The meads are produced with special yeasts and are bottled without using sulfites and other chemicals. Tør Egelund Mjød, matured in oak, is the perfect choice for pork as well as hot thai curries. As a rule of thumb one can say that the dry mead could be used where you otherwise would choose a white wine."

joernt kopi

“Golden as the sunlight in late summer.
Full and rich in taste.
First the sweetness of honey,
then the tartness of the rose hips.
Malling Mjød’s Hyben Mjød is a clean,
delicious balance of flavors."

Jørn T. Andresen,
Jørn T. Tekst & Tanke

Review in Folkeuniversitetet's magazine
"Vikings" november 2015


"The design signals modernity in relation to how mead is otherwise marketed. Great color and the dry mead takes the top of the sweetness, but is still crisp. A good choice for consumers who aren't into things too sweet."

Review in Jyllands-Posten
16. september 2014


Jyllands-Posten's Tage Clausen writes here about Michelin restaurant Gastromé in Aarhus:

"The cheese platter was no less than overwhelming. 10 different cheeses. From the hardest to the softest, from the mildest to the strongest, from Norway to France. With pickled nuts, oilves and kumquats. Speaking of wine, we pushed the boundaries for what you would label as wine. A glass of locally produced rose hip mead from Malling Mjød. It was different and seriously good with the stronger cheeses."