Lyng Dal Restaurant
is a great restaurant in the midst of Jutland. Creative chefs, great, inventive cooking and a really friendly atmosphere. They have some rare vintages of Malling Mjød in their cellar. And they truly know how to pair surprising flavors. Visit them when in Denmark.


Fru Møllers Mølleri (Mrs. Millers)
is a very sophisticated farmer's market build in and around a big farm in Jutland. They have their own bakery, butcher, shop, restaurant…all centered around their own produce. The farm has been in Mrs. Miller's family for generations. And they always stock our rose hip mead.


Cocktails of Copenhagen
is blog about signature craft cocktails and top bars in Copenhagen. The blog is run by a fanatic group of passionate cocktail enthusiasts. They tirelessly sweep the city to cover the best bars and write about unique, out-of-the-ordinary cocktail experiences. Enjoy the in-depth interview with Jesper Skov on his collaboration with Malling Mjød.


Bartender Jesper Skov from Cocktailkonsortiet has experimented with mead and spirits. We have already 5 cocktails under our belt. Please check the "Drinks" page. And remember that our FaceBook page frequently has new drinks recipes to offer!


Collaboration with Bistad
Malling Mjød har indledt et samarbejde med Bistad i Aarhus. Bistad producerer byhonning og har stader overalt i Aarhus. Bistad giver meningsfuld beskæftigelse til udsatte borgere i Aarhus Kommune, borgere som kommer på væresteder, kontaktsteder og sociale caféer. Malling Mjød og Bistad arbejder på at have en Aarhus Mjød klar til FOOD FESTIVAL 2016 lavet på byhonning fra Aarhus.


Supplier of yeast
Malling Mjød uses the fantastic products from Lallemand. Yeast, nutrition, boosters that ensures a great "mouthfeel".

logo_lallemand copy
Our german friends from Bad Pyrmont import and sell high quality meads from all over Europe. They share a passion for presenting the cream of the crop in meads from the french types to the slovakian. Medhu.de has the whole line from Malling Mjød in stock. Erwin and Jonas have years of experience in working with food and wine.


Danish gin fanatics
Malling Mjød works with Njord Gin in new ways of combining, mixing mead and gin. To incorporate modern mead in the new wave of cocktail awareness.


Skotlander Rum
Award winning danish rum. The man behind is Anders Skotlander and the distiller is Andersen Bilgram. They were awarded gold at The Miami Rum Festival. Skotlander has supplied the rum for our new drinks.


Cold Hand Winery
Denmark's most "nerdy" fruit wine enthusiasts - so they say themselves. The ambition is to make the world's best fruit wine on apples, cherries, pears, red currants etc. Cold Hand Winery is making the applejack we're using in our drinks recipes.


Bevco is one of Denmark’s leading online suppliers of beverages and accessories to private and business customers. They have a well-stocked warehouse filled with around 3,000 common and exclusive products which are constantly updated to offer trending and popular products to their extensive customer base. Strong business acumen and reliable service is the cornerstone for the company who offer quick delivery and a pick-up option from their warehouse in Aarhus.