What's mead?

Well, it's not beer. Mead is a fermented honey must that gives a wine that can be compared to sherry, Sauternes, semi-sweet and dry white wines.
The mead gets flavor of hops, rose hips, sweet gale, blackthorn etc. Mead keeps an alcohol content of between 9 and 19%. Higher percentages is obtained by adding brandy.
Perfect for a "hygge" on the terrace, the soup, fish, desserts, foie gras or a great blue cheese.
Or the Nordic Mojito: mead, ice, mint leaves and lime ... delicious on a hot summers day as welcome drink or just on the Saturday, you do not bother doing anything else than relax and discuss: "What's for dinner?"

Malling Mjød
makes dry meads...

Malling Mjød makes dry meads as the only meadery in Denmark. Meads that work well with modern dishes and cuisines. Meads, that can be drunk with food or in food and for marinades. So forget mead as the sticky, sickly sweet stuff you've been used to in the past. You will not get a sweet substance in your mouth, but good, clean and honest mead flavor. Malling Mjød works with new yeast types that give a more vinous taste in the mead. Our inspiration comes from Central Europe and America, where more light and useful meads are produced. Malling Mjød also makes semisweet meads for cheeses and desserts, but still not candy sweet types. We make meads that go with the whole meal - from the apéritif to the digestif…

A bottle of Malling Mjød is at least a year in the making. Some without chemicals and sulphites. The meads have a minimum durability of 30 years. You do not have to drink the whole bottle, just pour what you need, use the practical lid and store the bottle back in a cool place...

Mead types

Click HERE for checking out the types of meads we're producing. Malling Mjød is at the moment working with eight groups of mead products: standard, sloe and cherry, oak matured, rose hip, hops, sparkling, hydromel and spirits. The list we show here is modern meads. Most of them come in a sweet and dry version. Exceptions are Brus Lee, Blush and URT. Coming up in the future is a sparkling mead made with the "Méthode traditionelle" or the "Méthode champenoise" if you will. A drink for festive celebrations. Likewise we're working on a low alcohol sparkling mead, the hydromel, for those lazy summer days where you need an alternative to beer and cider. Please feel free to contact us to get a fresh update on what's in stock.

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