Honey on its own is a fantastic companion for an almost endless combination of ingredients and is super susceptible to flavours from other components used in cocktails. Similarly, mead should be viewed as an amplifier of taste. Its flavour enriches and reinforces the other ingredients in a drink. And that is precisely why the spirit – sweet as well as dry – is great for cocktails.

Mead provides three layers in a cocktail; base, aroma and (in spite of the dryness) sweetness. But more so, because mead is so simple to make, you – as a Mead-createur – have the option to play with all the flavours of your garden. Add whichever herbs, fruits or spices you like to create a new base of expression in classic cocktails.

Malling Mjød works together with mixologists, bars, bartenders and cocktail aficionados in creating the ultimate mead cocktails. Our newest collaborations are with gin expert Christian Wendelboe, Abstinens Bar, Tørst and the guys at "Gedulgt" bar. On this page you'll also find cocktails created by Jesper Skov, Cocktailkonsortiet.

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Here is an interwiev with Jesper Skov on his collaboraten with Malling Mjød: