About us

Malling Mjød has, as the only meadery in Denmark, specialized in dry meads - mead for food - mead for the “New Nordic Kitchen”. We want to get away from the very sweet and sometimes expressionless wines - at Malling Mjød we want to create a more vinous mead with a puristic approach so that the pure taste of the mead is in center and the possible herb or berry only gets a “small role” - the character of honey is the most important detail. It is our vision to make mead a Danish qualified - table wine - a wine one would choose instead of a delicious white wine – in our opinion dry types of mead goes with everything from fish and shellfish to game and vegetarian dishes.

Basic mead consists of only three ingredients - namely water, honey and yeast. What makes a mead complex in the taste and choice of honey. Better quality and more tasteful honey is the main key and contributes to more flavors and depth in the finished wine. Just outside the brewery and the small village of Malling we often search for the needed herbs and fruits – we believe that ingredients picked in the wild tends to give the best flavors. We focus on small private beekeepers - in this way we can make sure that we only uses the best honey, but at the same time we are supporting the small businessman and doing something good for the flora and fauna in the rural areas. We do not use sulphite or chemistry. On the contrary, we aim for a wine that comes as close to the natural as possible.

At Malling Mjød we use - time - which means we cannot say how long each batch needs before the wine is ready to be bottled. This causes the same type of mead to be very different from year to year and therefore fluctuates from really good to superb.

Malling Mjød is produced in the small village of Malling, south of Aarhus, in a small country house overlooking an idyllic rural landscape - and as the only meadery in Denmark, the wines are stored for at least 1 year before we decide to bottle or let the wine mature even more.

Malling Mjød is owned by Torben Mølgaard-Andersen who is an Art Director and Michael Jørgensen, a Marketing Economist. The company started as a hobby, but developed rapidly from a one or two glass bubbles in the utility room, to a few barrels and further to professional production premises with “high sealings”. At the moment we have several new projects in the making - we expect to launch these in the next few years.


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